Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Hero Ain't Nothin' But A Sandwich

Everyone knows Captain Mac was a pilot in the ‘Nam and got his multi-million dollar plane popped by a couple of rice farmers with a blowgun. Question: Does getting your ass shot down make you a hero or a shitty pilot?

The reason we ask, is that many in the right-wing corporate media (and even the senator himself) say that having been a fighter pilot makes McLame uniquely qualified to be our next president. We disagree. Why?

A couple of years ago the NV voted a former fighter pilot into the job of governor. Today the state is goin’ to purgatory in a purse, we’ve got no money and we’re cutting programs and services like it was a fire sale. Leadership? Non-existant.

So, it’s our conclusion that being a fighter pilot doesn’t automatically make you a good leader. Being a fighter pilot who got shot down makes you...well...an easy target. Our only consolation is that Uncle Fester is probably gonna name Skeevy Mr. Perfect Hair as his running mate. And we all remember what happened to Captain Mac’s last wingman!

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