Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Diamonds and Rust

Front and center on the RGJ sports page today: “Reno Who?” The story is about the perceived lack of progress being made by the new Triple-A baseball franchise. Funny, all Branch Rickey and the boys had to do was read us here at PTB. We’d set ‘em straight. So, just in case B.R. stops by, we’re gonna make our point again. Reno’s new baseball team should be named the Reno Diamonds.


1. Baseball is played on a diamond.

2. A diamond is one of the the hardest, toughest substances known to man.

3. One of the four suits in a deck of cards is diamonds.

4. The new Triple-A team’s parent club is the Arizona Diamondbacks.

5. Diamonds are a symbol of affluence.

There you have it…five excellent reasons why the newest team in the 775 should be called the Diamonds. We do have a worry though. Seems the P.R./marketing guys the team is using to find a name is called the “Carol Infranca and Associates marketing and public relations firm." YIKES! That’s the best name C.I. could come up with? If they're allowed to name the new team, they’ll probably call ‘em the Reno Baseball Team. Well, at least the Reno Bighorns is already taken.


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