Friday, August 22, 2008

Why Some People Hate the Criminal Justice System

This friggin’ reeks…

A couple of months ago, Casey Anthony was asked by authorities where her baby was. Ms. Anthony said that her daughter had been with a babysitter for the last THIRTY DAYS but she didn’t know where the baby or the babysitter was located.

Mom gets sent to jail and refuses to cooperate with investigators. Police chase down leads but no baby found. Seems Ms. Anthony’s story was thin as heroin chic. Her assertions unraveled quicker than angora on a nail.

Yesterday, after being held in jail for almost two months, still no baby, still no cooperation…Casey Anthony got out on bail. WTF is up with THAT?

Here’s our take: If Casey Anthony had brown skin, if Casey Anthony wasn’t as cute as she is, if Casey Anthony was the father…she’d still be rotting in the Gray Bar Motel. Instead, she’s free as a bird. Baby is still missing…momma gets out of jail.

Greatest country in the world? Hardly.


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