Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Boom Boom...Out Go the Lights

There's a reason we like scientists better than creationists. Creationists say, "God says it so it must be true." Proof or not. On the other hand, scientists say, "Einstein said it, so let's prove him wrong. Or, at least, prove him right."

Well, today the scientists have the creationists' panties in a bunch. Over in the EU, scientists are revvin' up the Large Hadron Collider. They're gonna zip around a couple o' protons and then blow 'em up. Creationists think it'll create a black hole that'll swallow the world. Our question to the God folks: Don't you think your deity would, you know, step in and stop this shizzle before it ended the world? C'mon of a mustard seed!

Anyway...the video above is a perfect example of why "Schoolhouse Rock" was one of the greatest man-made creations in history. If these brothers can make particle physics fun and interesting, just think what they could do for religion. Here's hoping they don't.


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