Monday, October 6, 2008

Manic Monday

Ummm…wasn’t $700 BILLION supposed to help the Stock Market? Guess not. Next time Chimp-Dick opens his pie hole and declares a state of emergency if we don’t act rapidly…don’t listen. $700 BILLION down the toilet. Wonder how much education, healthcare or infrastructure we could have bought for that kind of scratch? Lots.

BTW…the guy they’re putting in charge of the $700 BILLION bailout? A former executive at Goldman Sachs. JZeus Friggin’ Christo! That’s like letting the fox guard the hen house. WTF? Is ANYONE paying attention out there? Apparently not.

The Juice was convicted of something-or-other over the weekend. Question: Isn’t 1995 over? SHEESH! We give this has-been more airtime than the war in Iraq. Liberal media? We think not.

Nevada’s football team fusticated the Idaho Vandals this weekend. Thinkin’ ‘bout it, we’ve figured that aside from Alaska, the Dakotas and Montana, Idaho is the worst college football team in the nation who’s named after their entire state. Think the Wolf Pack would beat say…Texas? Florida? Oklahoma? Hell no…we’d get beat a hundred to absolute bupkis!

Speaking of Nevada sports…the women’s FOOTIE team ended their 2008 non-conference schedule…wait for it…wait for it…0-9-2. YIKES!!! Two years ago, Cary “Dumb as A Sack of Doorknobs” Groth dismissed NAME REDACTED for “The good of the team.” Groth said that the squad needed a new direction. Ummm…is this the direction she meant? The soccer team used to be the most exciting team on campus. Not anymore. Thanks Cary. Who the hell did you used to work for…Lehman Brothers? If this was any other school in the nation, Groth would be puttin’ in her app to work at the drive through.

Lastly, Virgin Galactic, you know, the guys getting paid for launching tourists into space? They turned down a million dollars to let a company film a sex scene in earth orbit. Bummer. We’d have paid to see that one. VG didn’t give a reason why they turned down that kind of scratch but we have an idea. If they took people up to Earth orbit so they could do the “Horizontal Mambo” they couldn’t very well keep the name “Virgin” Galactic, could they?


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