Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yogi Wants A Doughnut

So, VPILF Sarah Palin is related to the late Princess Diana. Hmmm…do you think if the McCain/Palin ticket wins the White House and Senator McRelic takes a dirt nap, that the Governor will take over and declare herself Queen of the United States? Palin is also related to FDR but don't look for her to get us out of the depression Chimp-Dick got us into. That's not her style.

Shhh….listen. Can you hear it? No? Neither can we. That cone of silence is Bill and Hillary Clinton campaigning for the ‘Bamer. Sure they wanted change in the White House…they just wanted it to be them moving back in. Hey guys…the ‘90’s are OVER. Sore. Losers.

The RGJ conducted a poll that says Skeevy Dean Heller is leading Jill “I’ve lived in Nevada for a hundred years” Derby. Another poll shows Senator McDust Bucket leading the ‘Bamer here in the 775. Question: are the people of Northern Nevada dumb, racist, oblivious to history or just plain BSC? Here’s hoping it’s the latter.

And finally…

Former Nevada hoops standout Kirk Snyder can’t seem to get a job in the big show. He’s lookin’ at ballin’ in either Europe or Asia. Hey Nick Fazekas! Hey JaVale McGee! Y’all payin’ attention? Sure hope y’all save yer money. Elswise you’ll both be back here in the 775 trapping bears.


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