Monday, November 3, 2008

One Last Day

Just a couple of quick thoughts on this Monday before Voting Day...

Captain Kirk is miffed ‘cause he wasn’t invited to “Mr. Sulu’s Gay Wedding” and the people skidmarking their Underoos are pissin’ and moanin’ ‘bout gays getting married. They're right…if we let gays get married, how long ‘til we get Human/Vulcan marriage? EWWW!!! Yo TJ Hooker, stop by our place…you can get free shrimp and stuff down here in the basement. Mom & dad had a party over the weekend.

Quick question…if military service makes John McCain “prepared” to be president…why didn’t that go into the win column for John Kerry or against Chimp-Dick in 2004?

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens was found guilty but he’s fightin’ the verdict ‘cause there was no compelling evidence. He thinks he’ll get off. Nevada hoopster Brandon Fields WAS guilty but the popo says they’ve got no evidence. They dropped the charges so he got off. Jeez guys…you get everything you need handed to you anyway. Another example of the cute and fuzzy bunnies thinkin’ they’re above us common-folk.

Here at PTB we’re glad to see that public schools will be closed on election day. WOO HOO!!! The RGJ says that it’ll minimize confusion and make more parking available for voters. SHEESH! We had no idea all those middle schoolers were drivin’ their mom’s hoopty wagon to school.

Boogity Boogity say the tighty-righties. If the Dems get control of the House, the Senate and the executive branch (SCOTUS doesn’t count) they’ll run wild. Funny, tighty-righty didn’t say anything about when they were all in the driver’s seat. Guess the last eight years are kind of an embarrassment to ‘em.

If you think someone is snakin’ your stuff on Halloween…do you really have to pop thirty rounds from your AK into the door? Whatever happened to expecting people coming to your door on October 31st?

Glad to see Moammar Gaddafi and Libya getting off the schneid. We’ve always had a soft spot for MoMo. He paid big scratch to the victims of the Lockerbie bombing. Guess you can buy your way outta anything. Yo MoMo…give Senator Stevens a call…he’s gonna need help.


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