Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mark Foley - Pedophile

Skeevy Mark Foley is back in the news. Seems the former Republican Congressman doesn’t think there was anything wrong in sending icky text messages to male pages – 17-year-old male pages. Foley says that he isn’t a pedophile because the pages were, “teens on the brink of adulthood” and that not one of the pages told him to stop. Yo Mark…you took advantage of your position of authority to get your rocks off with kids not even old enough to vote. You’re sick, you’re in denial and you should be in jail. But that’s just our thought.

Speaking of 18 year olds: One of the head honchos of the State Gaming Control Board wants to lower the legal age for gamblers to 18. Dennis Neilander says that’ll boost the Silver State’s gaming revenue. Really? While we’ve always believed here at PTB that if you’re old enough to die for your country in a war, you should be able to buy alcohol or gamble. But, is lowering the gambling age gonna help casinos’ bottom lines? No. Why? Because the 18-21 crowd has about as much disposable income as a Haitian goat farmer. We’ve beat this dead horse a million times so a million and one won’t hurt. Wanna increase revenues in Nevada? Make prostitution and marijuana legal throughout the state. It would free up cops to go after the really bad guys, it would free up jail and prison space for those same bad guys and it would put us back on the map as the preeminent place to have fun. Governor Gibbons…the ball is in your court.

Now that the ‘Bamer is prepping to move into the White House, speculation has been growing over the dog he’s gonna get. Peru even offered up one of its national pooches. Question: If the ‘Bamer is Muslim…wouldn’t he get a pet goat or a pet snake? Why get a dog? Why not a presidential cat or a White House goldfish? Yo Barry-O…we’ve got the perfect pet for you…how ‘bout you get a pet cracker? We sure would like to see some whitey runnin’ ‘round the grounds with a collar on. We’d give up our reparation money to see that!


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