Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Party From Hell

We find it pretty easy to hate the holidays. Three hundred and sixty-four days out of the year people are pricks to you then, all of a sudden, it’s “Merry Christmas!” Bah Humbug. With that said, below is a little ditty from the greatest a cappella band of all time…The Bobs. If you haven’t heard their album Too Many Santas you’re missing out on a holiday treat.

It's the night before the night before Christmas…
old friends together the same time every year.
She's leaving him, but he doesn't know it.
To everyone else it's perfectly clear.
Their holiday party has secrets in the air
something that he doesn't share.
She's found another.
She's movin' on.
The day after New Years she'll be gone.
The guests are uneasy they don't know how to act.
Should they tell him or keep it hushed?
Take a drink and a snack?
Talking behind his back
soon everyone's getting lushed.
It's the night before the night before Christmas…


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