Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Say What?

We sure do love us the Westboro Baptist Church folks. They’re the BSC motherhubbards that think JZeus’ Dad is letting U.S. soldiers get killed in Iraq and Afghanistan ‘cause we tolerate homosexuality. Well, they’re back in the news ‘cause some activist judge decided that they couldn’t protest outside the funeral of a soldier and fined ‘em enough cheddar to float a battleship. We think that’s wack.

This is friggin’ America. We’re Americans and we can say anything we want. So what’s the harm in letting the WBC’s protest at a funeral?

People can learn a lot from the WBC’s. The hatred, bigotry and intolerance they show is a perfect example of how religion keeps people apart rather than bringing them together.

Now some of y’all might be wondering about what’s called “clear and present danger.” That might work for yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theatre but it doesn’t have any juice in this argument. Why? What danger do the WBC’s protest cause (other than the possibility of them getting their collective asses kicked by irate mourners)? None. They’re Americans and they have the same right to free speech as the rest of us…no matter how fucked up their message is.

So the next time the WBC’s or the Klan or Rush Limbaugh hit the streets to spout their messages of hate, gather up all the little chillens, bring ‘em over and let ‘em listen. “What’s that I hear?” says little Timmy. "Tim my boy…that’s the sound of an endangered species…Douchebagis Collectivus Religious. Better known as a bunch of religious douchebags." Learn baby, learn.


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