Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Number One With A Shot and a Chaser

Yee Haw!!! A new report out says that the 775 leads the entire USo’A in heavy drinking. WE’RE NUMBER ONE BAYBEE!!!! Actually, we have a problem with this study. The Center for disease control classifies a heavy drinker as a man who has more than two alcoholic drinks a dayfor women, it's more than one per day. WTF kind of Puritanical rat-bastard came up with those numbers? SHEESH! Every hotel, casino, strip club, dance club, liquor store, grocery store and preschool in the 775 offers two for one drink specials. Two drinks? Heck-fire…beer goggles don’t even kick in ‘til the sixth drink!

The problem with studies like this is that they lump everyone into the same category. More than two drinks a day and they consider you an alcoholic. Don’t drink at all and they call you a saint...but not Saint Patrick. Here’s the crux of the biscuit: If you’re a moronic douchebag, it’s not the alcohol doing it…it’s you. Americans tend to play a lot of the blame game. They think their troubles are all caused by something other than themselves. Listen folks…it’s not the alcohol screwing up your life…you’re doing it yourself. Don’t let the Puritans convince you otherwise.



David Allen said...

Are you the same PJ Conolly that used to work at KCRL/KRNV?? I was looking for some contact info for you - but it's not listed. Give me a shout back.


Anonymous said...

Hey batter, batter, batter...SA-WING batter! Yo Dave...I'm at Drop me an E.