Monday, January 5, 2009

Pussycat Moan

Like most folks livin’ in the USo’A, those of us here in the 775 have been taking an economic dildo right in the pootie hole. People losing their houses, their jobs, their savings…just thinking about it makes us wanna hurl. But that’s the crux of another biscuit.

Now, more than ever, the citizens of Nevada need effective government, dynamic leadership and a vision for the future. What do we get instead? Governor Jim Gibbons and Lt. Governor Brian Krolicki arguing like a couple of schoolgirls. Neither of ‘em seem to mind that the state’s business is getting pancaked. It looks to us like they’re both wagging the dog.

Every column inch of newsprint, every second of talk radio and every minute of television news devoted to this brouhaha takes the attention away from how crappy these two have been in their respective jobs.

GJG crapped out even before he took office playin’ grab-ass with a woman who wasn’t his wife. Way to lead by example douchebag. Throughout his entire tenure it seems the Gov has been thinking with his little head instead of his big head.

BK on the other hand, is under indictment for his handling of the state’s finances. SHEESH! You’ve gotta really mess things up to be friggin’ indicted. No worries though, the Lt. Governorship was just another small stepping stone to a bigger and better political future. Key word there? “Was.”

Look guys, your shenanigans are embarrassing the whole state. Why don’t you do us all a favor and resign? Let us get people in there who’ll do the job. If y’all still wanna fight…may we suggest a no-holds-barred mud wrestling death match...put that on PPV and we could get the whole state out of debt. We’d sure pay to watch that.


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