Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Mourning

Fifty people die in a plane crash outside of Buffalo, NY and the story is in the headlines for more than a week. Forty people in Iraq get blown to smithereens and you don’t hear a word. Does that mean a life in Iraq is worth less than a life in the USo’A?

Speaking of war zones, Friday was the anniversary of the USSR’s withdrawal from Afghanistan. General Boris Gromov, the last Soviet general in charge of the war said, "Afghanistan taught us an invaluable lesson ... It has been and always will be impossible to solve political problems using force." Aye Caramba! Is anyone out there listening or are we in for a clusterfuck of unimaginable proportions? We pick the latter. We’ve said it since the beginning…Afghanistan is where empires go to die. Guess we’re next.

The Silver State is in line for a bil-and-a-half of stimulus dollars. Note to Skeevy Dean Heller…WTF is your problem buddy? You’re either for us or again’ us. Sadly it seems you’d rather play obstructionist than trying to help out your constituents. See you at the polls in two years soon-to-be ex-Congressman Heller!

The Washoe County School District is so poor it doesn’t have a pot to piss in. So why do they find it necessary to spend more than a half a mil to put video and audio surveillance on school busses? Here’s an idea…do what the airline industry did after 9/11 and put a highly-trained heavily-armed marshal on the bus. That’ll teach the little whippersnappers to behave!

And finally on this Presidents Day…A new survey, just released, lists the best American presidents ever. Topping the list (not surprisingly) was Lincoln, Washington, FDR and Teddy Roosevelt. What surprised us though, was that Chimp-Dick was ranked 36th out of 42. How the hell did he rate that high? In the several categories used, pResident Bush scored lowest in international relations (41st), and in economic management (40th). No surprise there. His highest ranking was in the category of pursuing equal justice for all (24th). This is why we hate surveys. GWB suspended habeas corpus, tossed hundreds of Muslims into Gitmo, approved waterboarding and other forms of torture and is personally responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi and Afghan civilians. Equal justice for all? The Bush-Wipe doesn’t have the faintest idea what that means.


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