Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Adding it Up

Today is one of those days that math geeks, goobers, dorks and (some) bloggers look forward to immensely…Square Root Day! YEE HAW! It only happens nine times a century. Celebrations are off the chain: Some folks cut root vegetables into squares, others make food in the shape of a square root symbol. Damn, the geeks sure know how to par-tay! Either way, SRD is way better than Circumference Day…that’s when we all walk around in circles for 24 hours straight. YIKES!

There’s a University in Liverpool, England offering a degree in…wait for it…wait for it….The Beatles! WTF is up with that? Whadda they call it? Obla Di Obla Doctorate? What’s next? Is the University of Alabama gonna offer a Master’s Degree in Lynyrd Skynyrd and call it “Workin’ for MBA”? Damn…and we thought the University of Nevada system was screwed up.

Finally, speaking of music…we’ve always been fans of Schoolhouse Rock. Hell, that’s how we learned what a verb is, the preamble to the Constitution and how naughty number nine can be. Well, they’ve come out with Schoolhouse Rock for the new millennium. It’s called “Sound Science” and it combines rap music with lessons in the various sciences. We here at PTB think that’s a great idea and we’ve gotta give big props to the brown-skinded brothers who have to write the lyrics. Can you imagine ANYTHING harder than rhyming with the periodic table, dinosaurs or geologic time scales? Neither can we.


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cchaney said...

Funny, as usual, pj. :)