Thursday, March 12, 2009

Money Talks. Who Listens?

Just before Bernie Madoff (with your money) got perp-walked out of the courtroom today, he said he was ashamed and sorry for his actions. Well, cheese-dick, sorry won’t bring back thousands of people’s life savings but it may keep you warm at night there in the Gray Bar Motel. If that doesn’t do the trick, you can always snuggle with your new cellmate Rocco.

Speaking of money…Governor Jim Gibbons has officially gone BSC. Today he sent a letter to the ‘Bamer saying he won’t accept all the stimulus money the Feds are giving the state of Nevada. Thanks Guv. Here in the 775, they’re cutting programs like an army barber cutting recruits’ hair. No matter what his reasoning might be, we need that money. By refusing to take all the funds, you’re showing your true colors Gib. You’re more interested in Republican, right wing nut job ideologies than you are in helping the residents of Nevada. Simply put…
Worst. Governor. Ever.

One last thing today ‘bout money. Last night the Reno City Council voted 4-1 to loan SK Baseball between $1million and $2.5 million a year - for 20 years. SK Baseball wants to build an “entertainment district” next to their new stadium. Question: WTF is gonna happen when no one shows up for baseball games or other “entertainments”? The city is already broke and now they’re loaning money to developers? AYE CARAMBA! We keep pouring taxpayer money into this eye-popping load of crapulence and chances are, we’re not gonna get squat out of it. Especially since the new retail spaces are gonna feature a Hollywood Video, a Sharper Image, a Linens-N-Things and Circuit City. Thank JZeus for Jessica Sferrazza. She’s the only one on the council with half a brain pan. The rest of those bobbleheads need to be tossed out before they do any more damage.


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