Tuesday, March 17, 2009


He WAS one of the most popular right-wing nut jobs in a state full of right wing nut jobs. So why is everyone pissin’ and moanin’ ‘bout Governor Gibbons payin’ his staff more money than they’re supposed to get? GJG knows what he’s doin’…just look at the state of the State.

If Gibby wants low level, troglodyte, minimum wage earning state workers to take a pay cut to help the budget crisis, so be it. Pay his own staff above and beyond what’s allowed? So be that too. Problem with that is, come November, Gibbons’ political career will be taking a dirt nap. The brotherhubbard is gonna get fewer votes than Gary Coleman. Too bad we have to wait.

No worries for GJG, though…after politics he can always get a job running A.I.G. After all, they're gonna be lookin' for someone to screw that company farther into the toilet. Gibby, you're up.


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