Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The American Way?

The first detainee from Gitmo got his day in court yesterday. Ahmed Ghailani (who looks like he's about ten years old) has been in U.S. custody for five fuckin’ years without a trial or charges. That’s good news to real Americans out there. Why? ‘Cause in the land of the free and the home of the brave, we’re not supposed to toss people in the dungeon and throw away the key. That’s not the way we roll. Alas…President Barack Hussein Obama didn’t get that memo. Read on…

The USo’A is sending seventeen Uighurs, formerly at Gitmo, to the island nation of Palau. Palau agreed to take the men in exchange for two hundred million U.S. dollars even though there is a large Uighur population in D.C. that desperately wants to take in their brothers. Two hundred million…that comes to $11,764,705.88 per Uighur. Tell you what Barry-O…PTB will take a couple of those bad boys for eleven mil apiece. Heck-fire…they can shack up in the ‘rent’s basement with us and we’ll have a good ole time. Easy to do with that kinda scratch.

The BSC motherhubbard who’s accused of murdering one soldier and wounding another last week in front of a recruiting station says he did it in retaliation for what our military is doing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Question: The dude was born and raised here in the U.S. If the guy is this pissed off at his own countrymen…how pissed off you think the people who actually live (and die) in Afghanistan and Iraq are? For every one person we kill over there, ten more terrorists are born.

American citizens Walter Myers and his wife, Gwendolyn have been charged with spying for Cuba for the past thirty years. We’ve gotta ask…WTF kind of information were they sending Fidel and the boys? Cuba is as bass-ackward now as in the 1970’s so it’s not like they got any good intel.

And finally…we read a story yesterday sayin’ that the ‘Bamer mentions JZeus more often in public than the Bush-Wipe ever did. Yo, Barry-OpResident Bush wore his religion like Zsa Zsa wearin’ a fur coat. It didn’t do any good. Why? Because GWB is about as Christian as Scooby Doo. You wanna show the SOG how Christian you really are? Show him what you’re doin’ to the guys at Gitmo. Whadda you think he’ll say?


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