Thursday, June 4, 2009

As Jefferson Spins in His Grave

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, they murder innocent men, women and children in the name of truth, justice and the American way.

On Monday, Mohammad Ahmad Abdallah Salih died at Guantanamo Bay. They say he committed suicide. Not so fast. He was held without charges, without bail, without a lawyer and without a trial for seven-and-a-half long years.

What was this man’s crime that he should be banished to the Hell that is Gitmo? Did he kill American soldiers? Was he a terrorist? Was he a Detroit Lions fan? Or was he just Muslim? And why does a Christian nation sit idly by while these kinds of atrocities continue? It’s shameful and sad that people who are alleged followers of JZeus would treat a person this way.

It really doesn’t matter what Salih did. He’s dead and we’ll never know. It matters that, in a country touting itself as the greatest the world has ever seen, we torture, maim and kill innocent people in the name of freedom.

Politicians, zealots and cowards would have you believe that by treating human beings this way, they’re keeping America safe. They lie. By treating human beings this way, we show the world our true nature. Americans aren’t benevolent. Americans aren’t caring and kind. Americans aren’t the holders of the moral high ground. No. Americans are petty…and weak…and scared. Americans are so afraid of “terrorists” that they’re willing to give up basic human rights for the illusion of safety, the illusion of security.

The Declaration of Independence states that “All men are created equal.” It also says that everyone has the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” To ignore those fundamental principles, is to ignore who we should be – to ignore who we could be – to ignore who we are supposed to be. As long as America turns her back on the rule of law, turns her back on the principles she was founded on, turns her back on the fundamental rights of EVERY human being, she’ll continue to show the world just how hypocritical her citizens are. I guess that’s the “new” American way.



Z said...

You are right about one thing, "Americans are petty…and weak…and scared.", they are also vain, greedy and pompous yet gullible and stupid considering their education. Should I continue?

The land of the free and home of the brave disappeared when all the group huggers started sending their kids to TIMEOUT instead of giving them a good whuppin; and don't forget, after t-ball and soccer is done and everyone is a winner, we can all have a juice and snacks....but remember, no sugar that's bad for you! - Maybe that's how we should treat all the people who would rather strap a bomb on 13 year olds and turn them loose on our streets; yeah, a good hug, some juice and tell them they did good...that should fix their 2,000 year old less than half informed mind-set.

Oh, by the way, the reason this guy with too many names commited suicide is because he actually found the time (instead of terrorizing women and tearing down thousand year old statues)to read all those pages in the koran he used to skip, he then realized that in the world of Islam he is scum and will never attain any virgins; he may even end up in a burka bent over for some muslim who enjoys that sort of virgin.

I believe lead poisoning, and not the kind China keeps trying to give to us, the 200 grain kind, is the answer for the Gitmo prisoners; at least it's not this so-called torture.

David Allen said...

It's funny how those who are the first to complain, complain the most and complain the loudest about their rights and the rights of others are the last ones to talk about the responsibillities that come with those rights. We do not have the absolute right to do exactly what we want whenever we want and to whomever we want. Our rights cannot infringe on another person's right to life, liberty, property/pursuit of happiness. Absolute freedom would be anarchy and tyrrany. So if someone wants to come into our country, (legally)- assimilate into our culture and customs, work (legally), and make a nice life for him or herself without infringing upon others or becomming a burden to others then they should be welcome to do so.
There are those, however, who come to this country illegally, commit crimes, Kill, injure or harrass and otherwise take advantage of our citizens. Some come here soley to commit acts of terrorism agains our country and our people. Nobody in the liberal newsmedia, nobody in the ACLU, no bleeding heart liberal ever seems to give a rip about the rights of the legal citizens who not only have to suffer through these violent crimes, or acts of terrorism - but then watch as the looney left seeks to justify the acts and release the suspects from their responsibillities for their actions because they had a bad childhood, or were abused or whatever. As if that weren't enough - our own government then seeks to then limit the freedoms of the ordinary citizens to arm and protect themselves because of those who chose not to obey the law.
So while you're mourning the death of this piece of shit that was captured by our troups, and you are ever so willing to give that same piece of shit the benefit of the doubt when he was likely caught in the act, you are ever so willing to believe the worst about our soldiers and intelligence officers who protect and defend us. A piece of shit terrorist or enemy combatant is innocent until proven guilty, but our soldiers and intelligence officers are guilty until proven otherwise... except you won't even listen to the overwhelming evidence that cleared our soldiers of any wrongdoing in Haditha. Our soldiers are falsely accused of killing civilians in cold blood, and all of you on the left wanted so badly to believe it was true without even waiting for the investigation and evidence. Never mind that if that same piece of shit terrorist wasn't trying to kill our troops, he'd probably be fucking with some genuinly innocent people of Iraq who are happy to now be free. Whether this guy committed suicide, was killed by another detainee, or killed by one of our guards - the world has been done a tremendous favor. People make choices in life and they're responsible for those choices. These people weren't forced onto the battlefield against American troops - they chose to be there. By choosing to try to take on the American military, they put all this into motion. They are responsible for their actions, and their fate.