Monday, June 8, 2009

Fast Start to the Work Week

Today, North Korea sentenced two American journalists to twelve years in prison for what amounts to trespassing. Aye caramba! Well, at least L’il Kim and the NoKo’s put their bad guys on trial. Americans, we just slap ‘em in Gitmo and let ‘em rot. Sad day when North Korea can claim the moral high ground on the U.S.

Today the Supreme Court ruled that “Don’t ask, don’t tell” could stay in place. Check it: You’re in a foxhole with your buddies. Y’all are taking fire from every direction. BOOM! BAM! BOOM! You’re in a fight for your life. Now, I ask you…do you really give a flyin’ rat’s ass if the other motherhubbards in the hole with you are gay or straight?

Judge Sotomayor busted her ankle on the way to D.C. today. Yo SoSo…can I sign your cast? Question: You think Newt, the Boner or Fat Boy have a well-hexed voodoo doll somewhere in their possession?

And finally today…Mondays are the most popular day to start a diet. No problem with that. If you’re one of the millions tryin’ to suppress your appetites today, we’ve got four words that’ll help. Ready? Here goes…

Susan. Boyle. Sex. Tape. YIKES!!! If that doesn’t make you lose your appetite, or, at least, make you blow chunks…you have what they call a “cast-iron stomach.”



Z said...

A couple stupid Americans, who are not military combatants, who knew they were going to break a psycho dictator's law (they were probably breaking Chinese law as well), got exactly what they deserved. For the last 50 or so years trespassing in No. Korea usually got you shot, so they got off light.
If America protected their borders even an iota of the same way, would California be on the verge of bankruptcy?

Try this scenario -
You are in your foxhole and you need to get some sleep because you have the 4 AM watch. The 2 guys on watch now are a little too friendly and while they are playing plug the foxhole, a couple recently freed Gitmo murderers (because someone gave them the rights of Americans) sneak by the pole in the hole occupied rainbow warriors, cut your throat while you sleep and blow up most of the rest of your company.
Simply put...I want to know that the guy backing me up is watching by back and not my ass!

And finally....Susan Who???
Stop watching television, it rot's your mind worse than crack, meth and paint fumes combined!

David Allen said...

What part of "Enemy Combatants" are you not understanding about the guys in Gitmo? Is it the Enemy part - which means they really don't like us, or is it the combatant part - where they're shooting at us, planting roadside bombs. We would be holding even less of these fucktards at Gitmo if not for one important fact: NOBODY WANTS THEM!
You're so quick to praise the assholes of the world who murder, rape and use REAL torture for those who dare think to oppose them... and accuse our troops of being the bad guys in all this. Just take a minite to think about what you're saying... implying that Kim Jong Il or Sadaam Huessein have some sort of Moral High ground over our what we've done at Gitmo. There is not an apples to apples comparison. We're not even close to their league... we're the pee-wee t-ball version of what they're doing. And of course he's going to go light on the so-called "journalists". They're all as anti-american and anti-capitalist as he is.