Wednesday, June 17, 2009


We don’t begrudge Senator John Ensign for bangin’ a woman that wasn’t his wife. It’s human friggin’ nature. He’s a man with wants and needs and desires just like everyone else. Heck-fire, if he was a French politician, he’d be considered a hero. No, we’re hatin’ on John “Able-Semen” Ensign’s hypocrisy. SJE was one of those religious wacko Republican nut cases in Congress who looked all of us in the eye and spouted crap about the “sanctity of marriage” and that “marriage is between one man and one woman.” Bullshit. At least, now we know how hallowed and blessed “marriage” really is to Senator “Long” John Ensign.

Now, Ensign has resigned from his position as the chairman of the Republican Policy Committee. Yo Republicans…WTF kinda policy was he makin’ for y’all? SHEESH! But, of course, he’s not gonna resign from the Senate. Neither did Senator David “Whorebanger” Vitter – neither did Senator Larry “Wide Stance” Craig. Funny thing about tighty-righties, they gnashed teeth, rent garments and screamed bloody murder when Slick Willie Clinton got a hummer in the Oval Office but every time they get busted dipping their doodles in the wrong hole, it’s no big deal. That’s just how Republicans roll. Hey, we’re cool with that, but the next time the subject of marriage, or morals or honesty pops to the forefront, Senator Johnny “The Wad” Ensign and his ilk had better STFU!



Z said...

I want a hummer......and I don't care where or who's watching, as long as it doesn't involve marriage or some new age dude (or any guy); "new age dude", as your photo depicts, would be most of today's typical collage kids/teenagers, because it seems like in todays schools it's taught in a round-about way, that it is OK to blow your buddy in the bathroom between classes.

mason9466 said...

I swear to God all of these guys are full of shit. Politicians I mean. It's shit like this that makes me lose faith in the process. I mean, this guy's supposed to be representing Nevadans!

Z said...

The only people politicians represent are themselves and those who bribe...I mean lobby/contribute to their evil cause; I only wish that all the sheeple would open their eyes, see it and vote appropriately.

pj said...

Politicians represent their own interests. It would be nice to vote the rat-bastards out of office but who you gonna vote for then? There won't be anyone left to vote for.

Z said...

One thing I can't figure out is why America complains about unscrupulous, shyster lawyers, then turns around and votes for them; this, besides a nice rack, is what made the Alaskan ditz so appealing.

We need to keep voting them out or recalling them; sooner or later they'll figure out who they actually work for, hell we may get lucky and find someone who has some integrity..... but I'm not sure integrity still exists in our baby-boomer and younger vain, greedy, hollywood wanna be society.

pj said...

Because Americans are lazy, whiny, self-centered, uneducated assholes. And they LOVE their television. That's where straight teeth in your mouth are more important than the words that come out of it.