Friday, June 26, 2009

The Thriller's Gone

You know who the two happiest motherhubbards on the planet are today? Senator John “The Wad” Ensign and Governor Mark “Of The Beast” Sanford. Thanks to Jacko takin’ a dirt nap, most Americans don’t even remember who they are or what they did. Don’t worry guys…we’ll remember for all of us.

Turn on any news channel and all you see is MJ this and MJ that. It’s like it’s the only news happenin’ anywhere. Tell you what…if the protesters in Iran want any pub, they’d better be marching to Thriller, waving Farrah Fawcett posters and chanting “Heeeeer’s Johnny.” Elsewise, they won’t get a minute.



Z said...

MJ did the right thing at the end; he tried to eliminate his fag - little boy touching tendencies with a whole hell of a lot of pain killing drugs, and BAMMM!!! The Big Guy upstairs said you finally figured it out, here's your ticket to hell!

Also, check out the Antelope Valley Press to see the picture of all his stupid fans sitting around the Walk of Fame star that's not the Michael Jackson They think it is, this one is some sort of broadcaster or something.

Z said...

When Farrah Fawcett arrived at the pearly gates, St Peter said;

child you have been a good and decent person, before you enter, you are granted one wish.

Farrah thought about it for a while then said;

I wish that all children of the world are safe.

St. Peter said your wish is granted....and God killed Michael Jackson.

pj said...

"...and BAMMM!!! The Big Guy upstairs said..."

The Big Guy Upstairs? Matt Stairs? Upstairs/Downstairs? The creepy LA Sawbones givin' out 'scripts like they was M&M's. Aye caramba!