Monday, July 6, 2009

Breakup Wakeup

Poor “Air” McNair. Remember back in the day when a woman would break up with you by mailing you a Dear John letter? Aye caramba! Nowadays, when people break up, they’ve gotta cap a couple of nine milli rounds into your dumb ass. Couldn't she at least have broken up with him on her Facebook page? BTWwasn’t McNair married? Question #1: Was Steve McNair contemplating running for a Republican Senate or Governor’s seat? Question #2: Is there one friggin’ monogamous husband in the whole country? SHEESH! Seems everyone is tappin’ asses not belonging to their significant others. Makes you wonder why people defend marriage so vehemently.

The Taliban in Afghanistan has kidnapped an American soldier. Just what we fuckin’ need. A couple of comments: Why isn’t this front page news? Why isn’t this the lead story for every T.V. and radio newscast in the country? Why haven’t we heard from one politician voicing outrage? And now that the world knows America tortures prisoners, do we have any moral high ground to complain when they torture our brother? No. Hey Chimp-Dick…still glad you suspended habeas corpus, opened Gitmo and H2OBoarded detainees? Right…you WOULD. As for us…we’re gonna actually pray for the kidnapped American brotherhubbard…he’s gonna need it.


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Z said...

What do you get when you give alcohol, night clubbing, an Escalade and 40ish year old married peen to a hot 20 yr old Iranian waitress???

a) A good time that your friends are jealous about?

b) A happy 2nd marriage that last for ever?

c) A conversion to the peaceful muslim faith?

d) An extremist 9mm thank you with one last badabing to take your head off after your already dead?

OK, who was the first one to cut off a captives head and post it on the internet?
They are the ones to set the ground rules!

(by the way, what's with this taking the head off thing?)

Not sure who "chimp-dick" is, but Habeus Corpus has been in place for quite a while during the war for oil; what hasn't been in place is national security secrets, just ask Gerry Rivers, Harry "the coward/traitor" Reid, Nancy "I'm in charge and you will obey me" PelHOsi and any media source looking for ratings or a scoop.