Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Girl Power

Ladies, ladies, ladies…we love us the ladies here at PTB. That said, we’re gonna drop y’all a pearl of wisdom. Never, never, never, EVER go to the hotel room of a famous athlete, musician, actor or politician. You’d think women everywhere would follow that advice. Wrong.

Ya see, men who get into positions of authority quickly learn that they can do just about anything they want and get away with it. Anyone remember O.J. Simpson? True dat. But instead of thinking with their big heads, they think with their little heads – all except for Johnny “The Wad” Ensign and Mark “of the Beast” Sanford. Those chucklenuts’ tiny (but active) penises are actually bigger than their brains. YIKES!

Yeah, we know it’s tough in our over-glamorized world of stars, and mega-stars, and wannabe stars to not get a little awestruck when one rolls up on you. Heck, that’s natural. But you’ve gotta remember, just like Bowling for Soup says, “High school never ends.” And these megalomaniac, power-hungry, testosterone-laden, misogynistic, jock straps and class presidents think of you as nothing more than pieces of meat. You wanna stay safe around men? Hang with us poor, ugly motherhubbards. We won’t touch your niblets. Heck-fire, we’ll just be happy to see a real, live woman in 3D. After all…here at PTB we do love us the ladies.


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