Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss(ed) Manners

Yesterday, the headline read, “Reaction Mixed to Troop Pullout” regarding U.S. troops leaving urban areas in Iraq. Back here at home there may be mixed reactions but if your butt was in a sling over there in The Suck, your only reaction would be HOORAY!

Saw a commercial today for a new-fangled phone-thingy. Pretty cool lookin’. Had a lot of apps. One question, though: WTF do you need friggin’ Guitar Hero on your phone for? Is it really possible to play Guitar Hero on a phone? Aye caramba!

Speakin’ of phones…there’s a new service out there that’ll answer any question you have if you text it to a certain number. That woulda been pretty cool say…back in the ‘80’s. But this is ought-9. Do you really need to spend .99 cents to get your question answered? Wouldn’t the Google be easier (and cheaper)?

And finally today…Reno City Councilwoman Sharon Zadra, “…asked Reno decision makers to look into a code of conduct for public places in downtown Reno that would monitor profane language and intimidating behavior….enhancing resident's and visitor's experiences while in Reno are the driving forces behind the idea.” You know what the driving force behind this BSC idea is? Sharon Zadra’s empty brainpan. Yo Councilwoman…who’s gonna enforce this law? Is my neighbor gonna rat me out to Reno-911 ‘cause I dropped an “F” Bomb on Virginia Street? Puh-Leeze. It’s this wagging the dog kind of crap that keeps our minds off of the drought, urban sprawl and the overall crappy state of our city. There’s a reason people dislike politicians -- this is one of ‘em.



T said...

Questions submitted to the text-your-question service:

In what states are it legal to marry yer sister? --Cletus

Where can I find motels with hourly rates in D.C.? --John Ensign

Where can I get some earplugs, because I'm tired of covering my ears and saying "la la la la la"?--Sharon Zadra

Z said...

If profanity and intimidating behavior in downtown Reno is banned will they have to;

- fire 3/4 of all the blackjack dealers!

- entirely shut down the bowling stadium!

- find somewhere new for city council meetings!

pj said...

"Amhed Aduti...does anyone here know Amhed Aduti?"

Z said...

Nope! Sounds like he should either be in porno's or Gitmo.