Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Told Ya So

A couple of months ago, The Department of Homeland Security released a report warning about domestic terrorism that could be perpetrated by U.S. soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. The right-wing nut jobs threw a collective hissy fit. “How dare DHS, accuse American soldiers of such things?” said FatBoy. Tinfoil hat model, Glenn Beck, even went so far as to call for the resignation of DHS director Janet Napolitano. “She owes those brave soldiers an apology.” He babbled.

Well guess what? The report was right. The right? As usual, they were wrong.

Nationally, at least 121 Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have committed a killing in the United States or been charged in one. Vets coming home from multiple tours are suffering from PTSD at staggering rates. Yet we hear nothing from the political hacks and government-cheese dicks who claim they “support our troops.” Yo, John “Able Semen” Ensign…quit playin’ with yer doodle and start payin’ attention!

When a teenager enlists in say, the National Guard, they’re promised one weekend a month and two weeks a year doin’ their Guard stuff. Nowadays, those same soldiers are ordered to multiple deployments in The Suck to situations that are untenable.

You know it…I know it. We’re not gonna win the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’re both turnin’ out just like Vietnam. And just like back in the ‘60’s – right-wing, war-mongering, saber rattling politicians keep sending our troops overseas to die and forgetting them the minute they step back on American soil. Every day we’re at “war,” we’re losing blood and treasure and our standing in the eyes of the world. Here’s hoping the next election provides us all a chance to rid ourselves of politicians who have no clue about how to protect the American people…or American soldiers.



Z said...

It's appears you work for the Obama controled news media.

I haven't seen or know where you get your numbers accusing the US soldiers, but if killing someone in this country (after they trained you to kill and later abandoned you) automatically makes you a domestic terrorist, I,m moving to Mexico and Joining a Gang that is allowed to sneak into the USA then kill and terrorize Americans, then I'll be treated like someone who actually offered to give their life to protect the like's of most unworthy, communist, American hating San Fransisicans, and then get free healthcare, education, welfare, etc.

Aren't these soldiers innocent until proven guilty of your accusations (or those of the DHS)? Or has your beloved Obamastration already taken that right away? This Napolitano women is a TRAITOR SLUT and she should be thrown into a foreign prison.....with Harry the Traitor-Coward Reid!

BY the way, I have proof that the un-American DHS has already forced the military personnel to register any fire arms they personally own...just the first step to violation or infringement upon their contitutional right to own and bear arms...I can't wait until it's my turn to have my rights taken by the Dept. of Horrors and Subjugation (the real name for DHS)!

I hope you are ready to support those that never worked and never will; and make sure you have your papers in order when you want to go to a neighboring city or state, because the Obama's Gestapo will be checking.

ALL HEIL BARACK (the crock, as in full of shit)HUSSEIN OBAMA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
or whatever his African born name is!

Z said...

Now for something completely different.

When was the last time when a ceremonial 1st pitch, thrown by a celebrity, was not shown live in it's entirity?

Oh, that would be the 2009 All Star game and it would be the 1st time ever, because Mr. Obama throws like a girl and bounced a wild pitch to Albert Pujols after warming up for 20 minutes; and because the screwed up media was trying to protect his shiney clean Joe Perfect image!

Dave A. said...

No - for PJ Innocent until proven guilty only applies to those caught in the act of trying to kill our brave troops in foreign lands who are protecting our country. Hypocracy only applies to conservatives caught cheating on their wives, but not to Obama administration officials like Timmy the tax cheat Geithner who now runs the treasury. Timmy's making sure all us acheivers are paying everyone elses fair share of taxes - but that somehow doesn't apply to him. Congress held special hearings to make sure John McCain met the Constitutional Natural Citizen requirement of being born in the US or US Territory. Where is Obama's birth certificate??


C'mon PJ. Show us the Birth Certificate.

pj said...

First of all...I HATE the DHS. When the Bush-Wipe came up with that crap I was FURIOUS. He is a chickenshit and thinks we're all the same way.

Secondly...the numbers are in the article. Just click on the link.

Thirdly...what do you have against Harry Reid? he's actually done a pretty good job for Nevadans. problem is, he sure does cheese-off the tighty-righties.

And lastly...Obama has been in office for half a year. He hasn't lived up to the hype but he's better than the Bush-Wipe. BTW...Bush was in office nine months BEFORE 9/11. I figure if I could survive eight years of Chimp-Dick, Dr. Evil, Rummy and the rest, I could survive anything.

pj said...

Yo Dave...
You still wearin' that tinfoil hat? SHEESH! Follow the link below...READ the story and make up your own mind on the birth certificate "controversy." Funny...if you right-wing nutcases had pursued the vote count in Florida in 2000 as hard as this non-story, Chimp-Dick wouldn't have been able to get us into the mess HE STARTED!

Still don't believe it? Well, you can lead a horse to water...

Z said...

So considering the numbers talk for themselves (do I really need to read your article, it's probably the NY Lies I mean Times), let the numbers tell us how many US troops have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. My little search tells me that in mid-2008 there was about 170,000 combined in countries, and this doesn't include everyone who was there and gone. Now let's see, 121 (over 8 years) out of 170,000 (in 2008 alone) that comes out to about.....


wow......... your right!!!
0.0007% of the 2008 troops are potential domestic terrorists; imagine how high that number would be if the other 6 or 7 years of troops are added in!!

Please stop insulting my friends and family that are protecting the rights of the true domestic terrorist; that would be the cowardly American politicians, news media, bloggers, etc. that sit around spouting drivel, hate and misinformation to further their own personal gain, while the true Americans fight for them.

Harry Reid is a lawyer, draft dodging coward and a liar; the only reason he hasn't been caught cheating (for democrats it would be with the same sex), is because he's a nutless eunic.

I'm squeeky-clean Harry Reid;
I'll just have this little bridge built accross the colorado river to my property in AZ...I mean so terrorists don't blow-up Hoover Dam
and maybe while I'm fighting against the nuke waste dump in NV, I'll buy all the property around it,
yeah, there's nothing wrong with that.

pj said...

Yo Z...I have no love one way or another for Harry Reid. But I thought you might be interested in this:

52 percent of US soldiers wounded in Iraq, Afghanistan diagnosed with TBI

The Mainichi Daily News: "Some 52 percent of soldiers severely injured in Iraq and Afghanistan who have come to the US Army's largest hospital for treatment have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries (TBI), an internal study has found."