Monday, August 17, 2009

Bible Belted


David Allen said...

No - Jesus would not have supported the Government controlled single payer health care. Why would that be?? How do I know that?? Because the Government controlled single payer system does not value life. It would tell Senior citizens that they're better off praying to Jesus for a miracle cure than waiting around for rationed care. It would not "waste" precious resources on treating the handicapped or terminally ill in favor of younger and more productive people - regardless of their citizenship or how long they've been paying taxes. It would fund killing the unborn - even late term babies that would be viable. Jesus would be against Government Controlled Health Care as should anyone because it does nothing to add Doctors and Nurses to the system. It does nothing to protect Doctors for frivolous lawsuits that get passed on to US as higher medical bills. A Government Controlled Medical System does nothing to encourage the improvement of medicine or pharmaceuticals. but mostly...
Jesus and his Father (God) - would be against it because rather than God or Jesus being in charge of who lives or dies - some Idiot government bureaucrat with a room temperature IQ would be given that responsibillity.

pj said...

You sure spout a lot of nonsense about what the plan wouldn't do. But that's what I expected. Did you even READ Matthew 25:40? Guess not.

"...rather than God or Jesus being in charge of who lives or dies - some Idiot government bureaucrat with a room temperature IQ would be given that responsibillity..."

You trust the government with your national security, your protection from criminals, the trying of criminals, the putting out of're right. Don't trust 'em to help the sick and the poor. Aye caramba!

David Allen said...

I trust Doctors and Nurses to make decisions about how best to treat me - not a government death panel. I trust myself or my family to make decisions about my health and when/if ever to pull the plug. I don't trust some Government idiot with making any of those decisions based on how much they think I'm worth to society. Keep in mind that if they can stand in judgement of me - they'll be standing in judgement of you - and your family.

BTW - Matthew 25:40 absolutely makes my point. How you treat the least of my brothers?? Pulling the plug on Grandma, refusing to treat the Handicapped, aborting babies, so YOU can get "free" health care that you could otherwise afford to pay for does nothing to help your side of the arguement. Under the current system - anyone who needs medical treatment gets treated even if they can't pay. People don't value that which is perceived as "free". Medicare and Medicaid are both bankrupt. The government cant run either of those programs or the VA any better than they can run Cash for Clunkers. How does that help the least of my brothers? Our country is much larger than Canada or the UK - and both those systems are bankrupt. Canada gets their health care partially subsidized by the sale of their oil. Our country is already broke with no system to pay for it. How does this help the least of your brothers?

pj said...

Dave...the Government-Cheese is gonna be in the Administration part of the system. Sawbones and Nurses still gonna be doin' the hands on work. Quith thin' the Boogity-Boogity!

David Allen said...

Once more, in English please??

The Government doesn't have to be part of the system. At best - perhaps it can be a watch dog to make sure the free market is behaving itself, but history has proven again and again that the government provided health care doesn't work. It's not sustainable and for all its good intentions does more to hurt the poor with substandard care than it alledgedly helps. It has failed EVERYWHERE it's been implemented.

If you don't like the way a private company - such as Blue Cross, or Kaiser handles your records you have recourse. Ultimately you can bring a lawsuit against them, and/or you can choose a different company. If you're under a government single payer system ther is NO recourse. You cannot file lawsuits against the government and you can't opt for a different carrier. Put simply - You're FUCKED.

If the Government is to have ANY credibility - let's see them actually run Medicare/Medicaid and the VA Hospitals without the waste, fraud and abuse - then we can start talking about them taking on more. Of course - they cannot. Those are all broken systems and a glimpse into the futre of what's in store for you if they were to somehow pass this piece of crap.