Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Gun Nutless

If girls don’t like you

if you can’t get a date

and you haven’t done the horizontal mambo since 1984…

I know your problem. You’re spending way too much time dickin’ around with your computer and your blog and your Facebook account. If the BSC motherhubbard in the PA had spent more time learnin’ the ways of the fairer sex and less time in his friggin’ basement surfing the internet and diddlin’ with his peepee, he’d have hisself a girlfriend right now. Instead, he’s takin’ a dirt nap. Which reminds me…

If you’re a loser…or you’re mad at the world…or you have massive debts…and you wanna off yourself, please go right ahead. But there is no need to pop a cap in someone else first. I’m tellin’ ya…if there is a Hell, George Sodini has him a special room there…and he deserves it.


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