Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I saw Newt Gingrich the other day blatherin’ on about Universal Healthcare. You know the Newt-ster. He’s the rat-bastard that was tellin’ us how JZeus talks to him and that gay marriage is bad and that we needed a constitutional amendment to save heterosexual marriage from all those gay people. All the while, he was bangin’ his paramour. Hypocrite. ANYWAY…

Newt was pretty adamant when he said we “shouldn‘t trust the government on these important issues.” He implied that there is no role for the government to play when a person makes decisions about his or her health choices. This from the same party that says a woman’s right to an abortion is wrong. Yo Newter…If you think the government-cheese should stay away from healthcare decisions, WTF were you the one leading the fight to keep Terri Schiavo plugged in over the objections of her family?

No, the republicans don’t want Government run healthcare. They want to leave that up to the insurance companies...

and the pharmaceutical companies...

and the big-time for-profit corporate hospitals.

Same as it ever was.


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David Allen said...

As usual, PJ, you have things all mixed up and bass akwards.

Newt is absolutely correct saying that the Government has no role to play in making health decisions for me, and I shouldn't trust them with my health care. Why the hell should I?? They cannot run Medicare, they cannot run Medicaid, and they cannot run the VA. The Government has no right to take over the health care system - Every where they're involved they fuck things up and drive up costs.

Calling for abortion to be illegal or saying abortion is morally wrong is not the same as the government wanting to interfere with a woman's health decision - it's about stopping the practice of killing an unborn child. If one believes that life begins at conception - then it's no longer her life that's interfered with. There are MANY effective and inexpensive ways to prevent a pregnancy. If a couple wants to be sexually active then they should be responsible for their acts and possible outcomes. Abortion is a horrible practice, and is expensive and wasteful of a doctor's time and resources that could be better used elsewhere if people weren't so damn stupid and irresponsible. You want to fuck - be prepared to man up and deal with the consequences, or be more careful about where you put your dipstick. Other people shouldn't have to pay for your mistakes by either funding the abortion or the raising of the kid. Can't afford to raise a kid?? Then maybe you should stick with blowjobs.

There is an easy fix the problems of high insurance costs with two simple laws.
1) allow insurance carriers to compete accross state lines. Right now major insurance carriers have a nearm monopoly in their markets and that drives up costs.
2) Tort Reform.

BTW - it was Terri Chiavo's PARENTS that were trying to keep her plugged in. Last I checked Parent's count as Family.
It was her cheating pig husband who wanted her dead - you ass.

Our system may not be perfect - but by having this system of free enterprise those expensive proceedures and drugs that start as more exclusive for the rich become available and more affordable to everyone. That goes for all those sports heroes you love so much - who get rushed in for MRI's, experimental surgeries and therapies. Nobody does sports medicine like the USA. You want your team's star players waiting 6 months for an MRI after getting popped with a helmet to helmet collision? Socialized medicine might be ok for those euro soccer pussies - but real sports need real sports medicine.