Thursday, September 17, 2009


So, ACORN is in the news again and, as you might expect, the tighty-righties have their Underoos all up in a twist. O.K., I’m not gonna defend ACORN on this one but I do want to get to the crux of an important biscuit. Let’s just say ACORN is guilty as hell for everything they’re accused of. The worst thing to come out of it is that they get busted for registering a bunch of dead people that cannot vote anyway…because they’re dead! Does that really affect anybody? No.

But you surely can bet Glenn “I’ll Be” Beck and Rush “To Judgment” Limbaugh and “Dollar” Bill O’Reilley are having collective conniptions about ACORN. Here’s the question: If the right-wing nutcases go all ballistic over ACORN’s voter fraud, WTF haven’t they made a peep about Halliburton’s war profiteering? Or KBR’s killing of innocent civilians? Or the fact that Chimp-Dick used the Constitution to wipe his ass for eight years? Not a word from those douchebags. Nope, they’re using their straw man arguments to scare the bejeezus out of the unwashed masses and those double-digit IQ’ers are buying it hook, line and stinker. Now you know why, when money is tight, the first thing they cut is ed-u-ma-kay-shun.


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David Allen said...

Your arguments are even less coherent than usual today, as is your understanding of what the ACORN issues are, of which voter fraud is only one. ACORN is SUPPOSED to be a non-profit NON-partisan organization (in order to maintain their tax-exempt status) Rather than just being the innocent non-partisan group advocating for the poor, they're deeply involved in fund raising, money laundering, voter fraud and who knows what else. (Because Democrats won't allow them to be investigated). Even after one of the ACORN founders had embezzled $1 Million - there was no will to investigate them and have still not been any prosecutions. Why should we care?? because millions of tax payer dollars have gone to ACORN that there is no accounting for. Dozens if not Hundreds of shell companies and organizations are addressed at the ACORN building in New Orleans. Definite signs of criminal activity. At the very least - they should lose their tax exempt status, because they are most definitely doing the bidding of one political party. Ideally - they should all be behind bars.

Of course registering the dead is an old trick of Chicago politics. For your information - having them on the rolls allows the pollsters to create the extra votes they need without that embarrassing problem they had in Iran of having more votes tallied than voters. Once the polls are closed they figure out how many votes they need and use the dead to generate the extra votes. It is a real problem that occurred in New Mexico in the 2000 election, where ACORN people were caught.. but of course with Democrats in charge - nobody was ever prosecuted.

With Chicago veterans in office it's unlikely we will have any more free and fair elections in this country. For someone who claims to like freedom as much as you do, you should be as outraged as anyone else at this prospect. Of course you're not. Don't you at least find it a little odd the president is so friendly with Chavez, Castro et all? Venezuela and Cuba aren't exactly bastions of freedom. Careful what you wish for PJ. You may be happily Goose-stepping along with them now, but eventually it’s your freedoms (and money) they’ll be taking away.