Thursday, September 3, 2009

L7 Squared

Ya know…I hate to tell y’all I told ya so but, “I told ya so!” Earlier this week, the general in charge of American troops in Afghanistan said that we’ve gotta re-think our strategy in that conflict. No shit, Captain Obvious. Problem is, like I said before, no matter what plan we put in place, short of nuking the whole country into bolivia, is gonna end up with the same result. Mujahedeen – 5 The Rest of the World – 0. Remember your history peeps…Afghanistan is where empires go to die. And the American empire is getting’ ready to take a dirt nap on this one.

The thing that really sucks, though (as if the loss of our standing in the world isn’t enough) is that the Government-Cheese doesn’t even realize that awful reality. As a matter-of-fact, yesterday former director of Homeland Security, Tom Ridge, said that we’d have to change our thoughts on what victory in Afghanistan means. When they start moving the goal posts in the middle of the game, you know you’re screwed. Ridge said victory in Afghanistan would mean rebuilding that country. Aye caramba! Is that really what you think T.R.?

I’m gonna say this again but I know it’ll fall on deaf ears. Alexander the Great tried, Genghis Kahn tried, the Roman Empire, the British Empire and the Soviet Union all tried to invade Afghanistan. They all failed. Now, we’ve tried and failed too. But that isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is that chuckleheads like Tom Ridge want to spend more time and effort and lives and treasure “rebuilding” Afghanistan. Guess what guys, rebuilding Afghanistan is an oxymoron. How can you rebuild a country that, at its political and cultural apex was still wallowing in the fourth century? SHEESH!

BTW…out of all the news coming out of Afghanistan lately, contractors bein' wack-jobs, again…IED’s blowin’ the bejeezus out of our troops and such, you haven’t heard one peep about Beau Bergdahl. Hello…where are all the patriots now? Or were they even patriots in the first place?


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