Thursday, September 10, 2009

Presidential Treatment

For a long while now I’ve held the position that the United States Congress should loosen up a bit. Heck-fire, the House and Senate are so boring, it seems like the stick up their ass has a stick up its ass! I think it’d behoove all of us to emulate the British system. In the British House of Commons, it’s not unusual for a legislator to stand up and give Bronx cheer, or the finger or an F-Bomb to the Prime Minister. High comedy indeed. I only mention this ‘cause back here in the USo’A, the loonies on the left and elsewhere are calling for the head of South Carolina Congressman Joe Wilson.

Y’all know J-Dub…he’s the brotherhubbard who shouted “You lie!” during the ‘Bamer’s JSo’C speech last night. Now, some people think that Mister Wilson was out of line but y’all gotta remember, this is America. We can say any goddamned thing we want. It’s our right. And, as citizens, it’s our duty to let the government-cheese heads know what we’re thinking. Couldn’t do that in China or Russia or Iran without ‘em slappin’ you in their version of Gitmo. True dat. Another reason I’m siding with Joe Willie on this one is ‘cause for eight long years, all I ever did was shout at George “My Pet Goat” Bush when he was on the tube. Hell, I went through more than two dozen television sets during that period ‘cause every time I saw that smarmy little chimp-dick on television, I’d toss my beer bottle at him. Aye caramba!

So cut Congressman Wilson some slack. At least, being from the S.C., he wasn’t out “hiking the old Appalachian Trail” like Governor Mark “Of The Beast” Sanford. And one quick aside for the tighty-righties out there who think I’m on your side…Bite me. I don’t roll like that. Y’all should think back to the days when you insisted that any criticism of the President of the United States amounted to treason. Remember that Reflublicans?” I do. That was back when your boy WPE was president. Maybe you should show the same kind of respect to the ‘Bamer. You should. But you won’t. That’s just how y’all roll. Hypocrites.



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David Allen said...

Don't worry PJ. I wouldn't accuse you of switching sides, or even coming to your senses. It is nice to see you're at least consistent with what you've preached.. so kudos to you.