Friday, September 25, 2009

Run Forest...Ruuuun!

A lot of people gave Paul McCartney shit for forming Wings. The band got a bad rap as far as I'm concerned. Best thing about this video is knowing they were all stoned during filming...and being stoned around James Coburn is a scary thing!


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Brenda said...

You gotta admit that Wings STILL sounded good (even though it was rumored that Linda sang off key and was not much of a musician!) But she backed him up, gave it her best effort and they produced some beautiful and productive children! (I own some sunglasses from one of their daughters, Chloe, who is a mighty fine designer) DANG! And Paul McCartney was EVERY girl's dream back then! I read somewhere that Paul & Linda were having a breakfast of some sort of meat & eggs (in a house I think they owned in Scotland) when they looked and noticed the lambs and other livestock outside their window. It was THEN that they decided to become vegetarians; deciding that the value of staying alive was as important to those animals (even though we humans don't give it a second thought before we slaughter them for food)and their lives are just as important to THEM as we value OUR lives! (we think we are so superior that we can harvest any animal we so choose to harvest!) DAMN! That Paul McCartney was HOT AS HELL!