Monday, September 14, 2009

Shoe Shoe Sh-Boogie

Well, the brotherhubbard who airmailed his Air Jordans at the Bush-Wipe is getting outta jail soon. While in the slammer, Muntadhar al-Zeid was treated like a hero by the other prisoners. When he gets out, he'll be treated like a God. Anyone who says invading Iraq was a good idea needs a hush puppy up the side of his head. WTF were we thinking? Oh, that's right...we weren't.

Funny (or maybe not)...had we not invaded Iraq, we'd only be in one unwinnable war right now instead of two.



David Allen said...

The only thing that makes either of these wars anything resembling unwinnable war is the constant undermining of our efforts from the America hating leftists of the Democrat party and the Propagandist of ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/PMSNBC/NYT/TIME etc. It was the same in Vietnam. We had that war won. Even the Viet Cong leaders had admitted they were very close to losing but for the treasonous help from the American News media which gave them hope and comfort. Cronkite and the rest of the Big 3 network liars were reporting we lost the Tet offensive when we had actually beaten the crap out of the Viet Cong.
Jump forward to Iraq and Afghanistan - different wars, same media tactic of trying to turn public sentiment against our troops and our country with lies from John "ABSCAM" Murtha, John "I served in Vietnam" Kerry and others accusing our troops of going door to door murdering and raping Iraqis in Haditha. None of this was found to be true. Let's not forget Kerry's accusation of Xmas in '68 when not yet President Nixon had supposedly ordered John Kerry into Cambodia for an incursion against the Vietnamese, Khmer Rouge and Cambodians. All lies.
In the eyes of the Democrats there are no wars the US could win. While that may be true of their pointless war on poverty that spends billions to keep minorities dependent on the Government teat - that isn't true of our Military when given the chance to win.

Z said...

You guys are kind of funny; all you know about war is what hollywood showed you, the blogger lies/misinformation on the internet and what some sissy college professor who spit on Vietnam soldiers told you. Oh yeah, don't forget the alleged racist American media who didn't want America to win Vietnam because most of the troops were brothers or poor white trash.


The rich (i.e. Haliburton types and Iraqi/Afghan in charge & associates) get richer,
The power hungry (every ass-wipe in DC) get more power,
and the general population from all sides involved gets screwed in the end.

PJ, should we have troops in iraq? HELL NO! And, it is not two wars it is one war on two fronts; I know the ivy league numbnuts in charge never served in the military and it appears they never played, or probably never won, the game of Risk!

Dave, this IS an unwinnable war for a couple reasons;
1 - How do you win a war when you cannot identify the enemy?
2 - This little war has been going on for about 2500 years, it's not going to end because we have all sorts of cool weapons and highly trained troops. And
3 - There will never be a surrender from the other side, not now, not next year not in a thousand years.

One more thing: The republicans are just as bad as the dem's, but just the opposite; they want to keep everything for their greedy vain selves, while the dem's want to give everything to worthless undeserving trash. They both hate America when they can't have what they want!


Iraq is the biggest military blunder in US history (right behind Vietnam); weapons of mass destruction my ass!! They barely had conventional weapons.
The only way we win this war (or more appropriatly, put off for a while), is with a little Old Testament divine intervention and using the tactics of David or Solomon; you go in and kill everything that moves, men, women, children, sheep, goats camels, chickens, etc. And even then this will only put off the next battle for a few decades.

pj said...

ya know Czar-man. I surely wish you wrote this blog, 'cause you (as usual) are right on the button. Huzzah to you Z!

Yo Dave...I jhust LOVE it when you denigrate veterans like Kerry and Murtha. I've never been to war, but I surely would believe them over GWBush and Dick Cheney who never even went to war.