Wednesday, September 30, 2009

That Sinking Feeling

If anyone wonders why trust in American news organizations and journalists is at an all-time low, look no further than the stories in the last 12 hours about the tsunami that hit American Samoa. More than three-quarters of the stories I read referred to it as a “tidal wave.” Do you wonder if we trail most of the rest of the industrialized world in math and science? There’s the proof.

Speaking of H20…neighbors of George H.W. Bush honored him today by giving him a Navy anchor and a plaque. They say it’s a way to thank Bush for his service as president and for being a good neighbor. Gee, I thought the anchor was a metaphor for what his chimp-dick of a son did to the economy, our standing in the world, to our armed forces, to poor people and to everyone not related to a big-time bank, insurance company or lobbying firm. WPE sunk us all and now we risk sleeping with the fishes.

And finally, closer to home. The U.S. Census Bureau just released a report on how Nevada spent money during the time before the recession (can anyone remember back that far?). It said that when the Silver State was flush with cash, they didn’t save it, they spent it. They didn’t spend it on the poor…or on education…or the sick…or the elderly. Nope. When Nevada had lots of tax money they spent it on...more cops. Aye caramba! That’s the Nevada spirit. It’s what we’ve always needed…more jackbooted, fascist thugs patrolling our roads and parks and buildings looking for shopkeepers selling alcohol to elderly looking 20-year-old decoys and bustin' burners for smokin' the sticky-icky. What a waste.



David Allen said...

Yes - Further proof that so called "journalists" and pretty much everyone in the "mainstream" media are complete idiots and should not be believed on anything... especially their reporting of the economy and why we are now needlessly heading for a second depression. The reason is a very simple one... Democrats starting with Carter and continued by Clinton used the CRA to reduce lending standards for the poor.
Your friends at ACORN with Obama as their lawyer - sued the banks, falsely charging them with racism because they wouldn't issue loans to people with bad credit.

Democrats assured the banks that their loans would be backed by Fannie and Freddie. Fannie and Freddie cooked the books Enron style to make it seems as though everything was ok.

Obama and the Democrats caused this meltdown - and then try to pass this off as Wall Street greed. This wasnt wall street greed - they were just trying to make the best on the new asset class. A long but good article in the New Yorker explains.

Obama and his Dem pals set this in motion and used Fannie/Freddie and AIG to raise campaign money. This is their disaster - and now ours.

David Allen said...
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