Thursday, October 15, 2009

Like Father Like Son

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David Allen said...

You sure seem to be obsessed with Bush and Cheney. Obama has been in office for 10 months now - long enough to have his own effect on employment and the economy - yet he has done nothing except wildly spend our tax dollars on a strategy that has made his buddies rich, but has bankrupted the country and made our dollar not worth the paper it's printed on. There's hope and change for you. Meanwhile he continues the race baiting any time someone disagrees with him on policies - as if we're all just supposed to agree with everything he says or does. The point of having 3 branches of government is so that at least ONE of them should be able to check to make sure the Hope and Change he implements are based on some type of reality. Obama has no experience governing and is way over his pointy head. That must be why you spend so much time in the past remembering Bush and Cheney. At least we had a real President who took the job seriously, and not just as another campaign speech.