Thursday, October 22, 2009

Socialism at Work

You see...if you say you're against socialism,
you're against cops
and firefighters
and teachers
and our socialized military.

You want to keep giving your money to the fat-cat insurance companies? Go right ahead. But I'd rather those moneychangers get kicked to the curb.

You know who the insurance industry sounds like nowadays? The guys who used to make buggy whips that started whining when the car was invented. Don't worry folks...with a little bit of luck, that industry will soon be taking a dirt nap. True dat.



David Allen said...

More ignorance on display for you there PJ. You see - cops, firemen, teachers - they're all employed by the LOCAL governments - not Federal. (where the socialism is occuring).
So the question you have to ask yourself is... Just WHERE does the money actually come from to pay these nice policemen, firemen and teachers??
Answer: from tax collections paid by individuals who work at corporations like insurance companies. The bitter truth is that if there aren't rich corporations like insurance companies that can employ millions of Americans then the Federal government won't be able to collect the tax revinues to pay for said socialist activities.

You socialist idiots need to understand something very important. The Federal government doesn't actually make any money... they can only spend that which has already been taxed. No corporations means no money for ANYONE.

Anonymous said...

David Allen, why do I see you as a hillbilly american that is laughed as a comical "character" outside America (and actually in America, but since you've got guns, nobody bothers to tell you)

It's funny how you Americans hate socialism based on 18 years old data (newsflash: Cold war ended 1990). Socialism didn't work in Soviet union because the nation did not follow the idealism of Socialism, and the ones in control of the decitions, were the ones that only used the socialism to control the people. Socialism itself is based on people being equal. That means that every person living has the same rights and opportunities. And where does the money come from? Taxes? Yes, it's completely logical, however, the taxes doesn't need to rise to provide a better healthcare, since the need to put money on expensive treatments decreases, as the people will stay more healty when the health problems are noticed more early, for instance. People do not have the need to commit crimes, because they have their food by leagal means, and education to support them on suviving in society by leagal means.

And for "No corporations", I'd say I wonder, where does that idea come from? Okay, the puritan socialism may require that, however, as Obama has intented, only elements of socialism would be applied, and the country would be more close to Democratic socialism, than an anarchy (well, read the "Cyberpunk 2020" rulebook to understand how close america is to complete Anarchy). The ideas of free healthcare, free education and free foodsupply is based on the ideology that this will prevent many problems within America. This will ensure that money is not the best way to gain the good moneymaking papers, but free ideas and intelligence. With free basic education, there is no objection to those who aim for the sports, however there is a chance for those who could actually innovate.

In external wiev, I find it disturbing how conservative America refuses to see tha change in the world. The money is not the future, people are. Co-operation is more beneficial to all, rather than war. Just because something is offered for free, doesn't mean that one wouldn't be entitled to an opinion. Open your eyes, David Allen, there are countries that work with more "socialism -like" ideologies than what Obama has suggested, and have no need to grow in wellfare of the people.

As for the current, in America of this day, the medical industry is creating and developng "cure for all deceases" because they want money, not because it would be ethical. The developement of the Medicine isn't actually so expensive that the poor should die because they can't afford the actual Medicine. The poor are more potent to buy, if there would just be a possibility to them.

pj Connolly said...'re my new favorite (unidentified) hero. Thanks!

David Allen said...

Blah, blah, blah... you don't have a logical argument so you have to result to name calling... But I couldn't give a crap what some chicken shit Troll who doesn't have the stones to post their name thinks of me.

Socialism has nothing to do with people being equal. That might be their selling point to get you to buy in, but the TRUTH of socialism is quite the opposite. It is about trying to equalize the outcome not the opportunity. If Socialism were applied to a baseball game; The team that scored 10 runs would have to give 4 of their hard earned points to the team that could only get two in the name of "equality".
Socialism is a soft tyranny which justifies the state stealing one person's property, and dictating how we live our lives.
It is through money (EARNED from exchanging MY time and labor) that we gain our freedom, that at some point I don't to sell my time and efforts to someone else to eat or to live. I do not owe my time and labor to pay for someone else who refuses to do for themselves. It is one thing if I VOLUNTEER to help those less fortunate, or if I CHOOSE to help someone in need - but otherwise I am being FORCED to labor for someone else's benefit, who doesn't produce.
To limit the amount of money we make is to limit our freedom of when and where we can travel or do with our free time. You can shove you're "equality" up your ass. I'll keep my FREEDOM and my money, thank you. Socialism can never work because those in charge will NEVER sacrifice their money, power or food to be "equal" with the masses.

David Allen said...

What's wrong, PJ?? Can't fight your own battles anymore?? Have you smoked too much weed you can't put up even a dim witted argument like your new anonymous friend??

Anonymous: Have you noticed that the economies of all the socialist countries in Europe have been in ruins - until lately when they have started going conservative?
You say the USSR didn't do Socialism right.. so who has?? China?? Hitler?? Show me a major economic power that has THRIVED under socialism. Guess what - there aren't any. Everywhere socialism is tried it has FAILED. Look at the following states in the US and tell me which economies are doing better; Texas, New York, California, Michigan and then look at which party is running them.
All except for Texas are Bankrupt. All except for Texas have high unemployment.
Massachusetts attempted socialized medicine - and they're now bankrupt. Any of you socialist see a pattern yet??