Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Prick With a Wall

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David Allen said...

So just what part of Illegal don't you understand in Illegal alien?? They're not allowed to cross our borders without first obtaining a visa. You liberals claim you're for the poor and minority workers of America - yet rather than insisting on employing Americans at a decent wage - you allow illegals to come into this country and work as indentured slaves for sub-minimum wage while Americans remain unemployed. Is that the Hope and Change you voted for?? Yes - it's sad that Mexico is fucked up and corrupt and can't seem to make jobs for its citizens - but that's their problem. Allowing them to come here to clean your toilets for sub-minumum wage is not compassion - it is SLAVERY. There is a computerized system in place that can validate social security numbers - but you idiots are against it. Allowing illegals to come in and take construction jobs, or other unskilled positions drives down wages of LEGITIMATE workers. Employ Americans first. If we still need additional unskilled labor we can look to allow more to come in LEGALLY so they can also earn a decent wage and not be constantly looking over their shoulders.