Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Daddy's War Bucks

Ya know, I get a lot of flak from the “tinfoil hat” crowd over their assertions that I have a bromance with the ‘Bamer. Heck-fire, it’s kinda funny considering I’ve never been a fan of no man. But they’ve got to understand that after the eight years we had of Chimp Dick and Dr. Evil, anyone woulda been better. That said, Barry-O has been pissing in my Corn Flakes lately.

When Prezzy B. was running for office, he promised to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He promptly did the douchebag move and forgot about getting out of Iraq. And now, he’s considering escalating in Afghanistan. He says he wants the U.S. to stay ‘til the job is done. Aye caramba! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Afghanistan is where empires go to die. And we’re gonna be there ‘til America, as a country, isn’t any better than Finland (apologies to my Finnish brotherhubbards). Yo Barry-O, you wanna get the job done? How ‘bout spending some of that free money on creating jobs here at home and less money on making new terrorists?

The other thing that’s cheesing me off about Chocolate JZeus, is his reticence on healthcare reform. Look, y’all aren’t gonna get one vote from the tighty-righties, so why not “pull a Bush” on ‘em and ram the motherhubbard down their throats anyway? I know, I know, you’re gonna get republicans sayin’ we can’t afford it and that they don’t want a government-cheese bureaucrat making people’s health decisions. Question:

Why is it that we have unlimited trillions of dollars to blow up brown-skinded brothers in far away lands but we don’t have enough money to help our own poor, sick and dying? Next time I hear a politician waxing poetic about America being a “Christian nation,” I’m gonna break my foot off in his John Brown hindpot. True dat.

And last question: Yo republicans! Y’all say you are against bureaucrats meddling in a person’s medical choices. So how come y’all keep sticking your anglo-bourgie cracker noses into a woman’s lawful right to choose? Hypocrites.



Anonymous said...

Yes... well... I read till the half of the post and decided that I'll delete my RSS of this blog. That is all I need to say for a reason.

pj Connolly said...

I had no idea that someone who read PTB would even know what an RSS feed was. Sorry to see you go, but thanks for reading!



David Allen said...

It's a nice thought PJ, but it's the private sector that actually creats jobs and wealth. The Government cannot because they must first get money from working tax payers before anything can be generated. If Dems were serious about created jobs - ANY jobs they would lower taxes on the people who actually pay them. That has been shown time and time again to work. (Even by JFK)