Thursday, January 7, 2010

Double Jeopardy

You might have never heard of Tsutomu Yamaguchi. To some…he’s the luckiest man in the world. To others…the unluckiest man in the world. You see, Yamaguchi was the only certified survivor of the atomic bombings of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Talk about a pretty fucked up week. Aye caramba!

Yamaguchi died Tuesday. He was 93 years old. So, in his honor…a PTB haiku. Sleep well brother.

Kill men to save men.

BA-BOOM and the people die.

Were we really saved?

Twas death from above.

Where was God in all of this?

Spinning in His grave.

Death is the silence.

The cycle of violence.

Now they rest in peace.

War and death still live.

Have we learned from history?

Not a goddamned thing.


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