Thursday, January 28, 2010

Talk is Cheap

I won’t go into too much detail on last night’s presidential address. My head is still pounding from slammin' all those shots. Who’d have thunk the over/under on “stink-eyes thrown by Nancy Pelosi" would go so far over. Now every time I see the Speaker of the House, I know I’m gonna belch stale beer, Doritos and Jose Cuervo. YIKES!

So…the remnants of last night’s SOTU speech are still passed out on the basement floor, surrounded by empty Keystone cans, Tequila bottles and shot glasses. Aye caramba! To the boys and girls in this hood, the SOTU addy is better than the Super Bowl. That’s how we roll here in the 775. A couple of quick thoughts on Barry-O’s offering…

Three minutes into the speech…THREE FRIGGIN’ MINUTES into it, the cameras cut to Nevada Senator Harry Reid. And the chucklenut was YAWNING! SHEESH! Yo Harry…if your career in the Senate wasn’t over before last night…it is now. Worst. Move. Ever.

Nuthin’ funnier than seein’ the ‘Bamer waggin’ his finger at the SCOTUS, Inc. Justices and scolding them like they were naughty schoolgirls. They were squirmin’ in their seats like they were bein’ forced to watch an episode of “Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire.” True dat. Come to think of it…Ruth “Darth” Bader-Ginsburg is my new secret fantasy schoolgirl crush. So sue me.

And finally…say what you will about BHO’s TelePrompter abilities, say what you will about his rhetorical flair and his smooth, dulcet tones…but if last night’s speech doesn’t kick start the legislative process in the House and the Senate, we’re all gonna be doomed. Republicans with thir smart-assed reactions, tryin’ to look interested, acting like a bunch of frat boys in Economics class. Hey John Boenher…y’all are either with us or against us. What’ll it be? My guess is the latter. DOOMED I TELLS YA!


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