Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Waste to Space

If you’ve been here to PTB more than once, you know I truly do love me some NASA. Heck-fire, growin’ up, I wanted to be an astronaut worse than life itself. Then I found out that there were no aliens who looked like Captain Kirk’s booty calls. That pretty much ended my spacefaring career. That and all the math and science stuff. YIKES! But it was still kind of a shock when Barry-O hacked a butt-load of money out of the USo’A, Inc.’s space budget. Go figure.

Here’s the crux of the biscuit…if we don’t have the millions of dollars to help American citizens out of their financial pain and medical suffering, why should a Christian nation spend that money goin’ into space? Funny thing is…the chucklenuts gnashing teeth and rending garments over this are the same ones who call Chocolate Elvis a socialist. By telling private corporations they need to step up and taking government money away from spaceflight, he’s doing the exact opposite of what a socialist would do. Bet you’ll never hear the teabaggers admit to that. True story.


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