Thursday, February 11, 2010

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Folks who regularly click over here to PTB know I love me my Muslim brothers and sisters. True story. But sometimes ya read a story and think, “Aye caramba!” Case in point…

Muslim leaders in Mother Russia are urging their flocks to disregard Valentine’s Day because it "preaches universal permissiveness, amorality and nihilism." SHEESH! Valentine’s Day does all that? Hardly. Let me explain to y’all. Valentine’s Day is a corporate-run holiday designed to guilt men into buying crap for their wives that they don’t need, with money they don’t have, to get a result that is not always forthcoming. Don’t believe me? Americans (mostly men) spend right around 14.7 BILLION dollars every year on crap like candy and cards and flowers. Question to all the boys out there: When was the last time you got laid ‘cause you bought your woman flowers? Candy? A Valentine’s Day card? Probably never. If y’all wanna get down to the horizontal mambo, you’d be better off buyin’ her a fifth of Jack Daniels. Yup, that’d loosen her up.

No my Muslim brothers and sisters. While your spiritual leaders take pot shots at our national holidays like teabaggers after Chocolate Elvis, they’re wrong about the whole thing. Valentine’s Day doesn’t stand for universal permissiveness, amorality or even nihilism. It stands for the rampant greed and unabashed consumerism that is the United States of America, Inc. Valentine’s Day has as much to do with sex and love as Christmas has to do with the birth of the SoG. Not a damned thing.



Brenda said...

Not ONLY Valentines Day, but numerous other "remembrance" days that we are supposed to acknowledge with cards, flowers & candy! All Hallmark/florist/retailer & confectioner created holidays (for their own very immense profit!) I have been very aware of all the ads on TV for very expensive diamond jewelry, boxes of heart-shaped Russell Stovers chocolates, even automobiles! Pressure on men! You are SO right! Women aren't pressured so much (We're just required to buy our man a pair of boxer shorts with hearts all over them, (like he's REALLY going to be thrilled to death with this gift!) or to buy ourselves something from Victoria's Secret that is supposed to za-za-zoom your love life! Yikes! Just because of what you are wearing?) I totally AGREE with you, mister pj! The retailers are brainwashing us! And we are (lots of people...not ME!) falling for this TV/radio/newspaper advertising control of our common sense! This is such a retailer-brainwashed generation! What I would want for Valentines Day (if I had a Valentine....I think the thought of a Valentine in its true sense is sweet!)would just to be another normal day (which means day after day of good lovin' ANYWAY! No matter what the occasion!) Just because! With NO occasion needed! Don't you agree? (well, maybe a Tom Jones type vulgar dinner with something extremely YUMMY to eat from not ONLY your plate but from other unexpected places as well!) Oh GOSH! You're gonna delete this post, aren't you?! Wuss!~

Mark said...

Truth be told, I'm more likely to get laid for washing the dishes than buying something. But your, PJ, don't sound like ever get any at all. No wonder you like the Jack so much.

pj Connolly said...

Brenda...I couldn't have said it better myself.

Mark...I just read an article that says that men get LOTS more sex from doin' household chores than they do buying flowers or chocolate.

Of course I like the jack. Makes me LOTS better looking!

David Allen said...

Why are you so cynical PJ? Technically, the same argument could just as easily apply to Christmas as it could Valentine’s day… but to what end?? Have every day be exactly the same as the next with nothing to forward to or nothing to fondly look back upon? Every day go to work, go home, eat & watch TV – rinse lather and repeat?? Holidays or pseudo holidays are what you make of them. There’s nothing that says you have to buy into commercialized versions – and if your woman is telling you that, you’ve chosen the wrong one.
If you seriously become this cynical about holidays it’s clearly for one reason: You watch way too much TV and specifically way too much TV news.

Bottom line – there’s nothing wrong with setting aside a day as a kind of date night for people to remember why they’re together in the first place.. One night a year for romance, and to show your significant other how you feel? Is that too much to ask?

pj Connolly said...

I knew you were an old softie Dave. Your new wife is a very lucky woman!