Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympic Wonderings

The IOC not letting women in the ski jumping competition is a misogynistic, bass-ackward, fucked up position to take. Hey Jaques Rogge, y’all afraid to get your ass handed to you by a girl? Change the damned rule already and "LET THEM PLAY...LET THEM PLAY..."

Just ‘cause I only get to say this every four years…Dick Pound… Dick Pound… Dick Pound. HAW! That NEVER gets old.

So, U.S. skier Lindsey Vonn bruised up her shin and to help with the healing she…wait for it….wait for it…she wrapped it with cheese. Aye caramba! What kind of medical staff do we have for our Olympic team? Dr. Pepper?

The unintentional comedy meter was getting quite a workout during the opening ceremonies. From skeevy Bob Costas trying WAY too hard to be funny (he wasn’t) to the fiddle playin’, river dancin’ Frenchies (isn’t river dancin’ Irish?) the whole night was a hoot. Funniest moment though, was when the Great One had to stand there while they figured out how to fix a technical malfunction. Poor brotherhubbard was sweatin’ like a hound dog tryin’ to poop a peach pit. High comedy indeed. I guess the only thing better than a prop malfunction woulda been a wardrobe malfunction. I’d have paid to see that. True story.



Brenda said...

CHEESE as a healing agent: Well you never know about those old-time remedies! I remember my mother making something called a "Mustard-Plaster" whenever we had bad chest colds/bronchitis and it worked! (I think?) At least we got better! I still have the recipe! She would mix up mustard with other crap, put it in a wet cloth and lay it upon our chests. It stunk! It stung! But we always felt better the next morning!

I still swear by Witch Hazel (put it on a bruise and it will disappear quickly....Grandma taught us that!)

pj Connolly said...

My mother actually discovered the cure for the common cold.

She'd cook it up in a chicken soup, had us eat it and would say...

"This'll do for now. Eat it up and you should be totally cured in a week or so."

True story.