Monday, March 15, 2010

Mama Mia

Here at PTB we surely love the Catholics. Heck-fire, without them, the only Christian denominations we could make fun of would be the Baptists…and the Mormons. That being said, this week the Vatican contends that their priestly celibacy stance is not the root cause of the sex abuse scandal. WTF? Is the Pope on drugs? Hey Ratz…listen to me now and believe me later. I agree…requiring priests be celibate did not…I repeat…did not lead to the molestation of all those millions of kids. Priests not following the celibacy order is what caused it. I mean, if you can't keep your pecker in your smock, what's the use? Funny how the more “holy” people claim to be, the more sordid and fucked up they tend to be. True story.

Finally today…ABBA, among others, is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame today. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…if you have a R&RHOF and Rush is not part of that hallowed group…y’all ain’t nuthin’ but poseurs. ABBA? Fucking ABBA? Shit…those cracker-assed-Swedish-crackers wouldn’t know rock and roll if it bit ‘em on their polyester bell bottoms. No Rush = No Respect.



JWLIII said...

tru dat peej. no yes, nor srv , and no kiss either. they sold more records, concert tix and cupie dolls than all the other inductees combines.until they let me take 20 out and put my 20 in its "the hall of shame in the mistake by the lake"!

David Allen said...

I disagree PJ. I think the celebacy requirements of priests is the cause of the problem - just not the effect of the celebacy requirement.
Think about it. If you know going in your job requirement is that you have to live your public life as an asexual being - who else is going to apply but people who are really good at living a double life and hiding their sexual perversions. People are not meant to be asexual. Priests should be allowed to marry (women). What better way to set an example to others than to be a good husband, father and grandfather?

pj Connolly said...

Should a gay priest be able to marry his/her significant other?

David Allen said...

They could have civil unions with all the benefits of hospital visitation and property rights... :-)

It's just not a marriage.