Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Thought Burbles

A couple of random thoughts for a Tuesday…

It surely does suck that the Earthquake Gods decided to take a dump on Chile. Here’s hoping my Chilean friends bounce back quickly (no pun intended). Almost a thousand people dead sucks-ass but the worst part about the Chilean earthquake? Haiti is as forgotten as Sarah Palin’s reading list.

In order to save money, THE University of Nevada is cutting programs and colleges deeper than John Boener’s spray tan. Pretty soon, the only thing left at UNR is gonna be the football team. And they suck so bad, we might as well cut them too. It surely would save the 775 from a lot of embarrassment.

Tiger Woods is back home today after spending a week at sex rehab. That’s gotta be awkward at the dinner table. Elin honey, could you please pass the salt? I’m not a sex addict anymore.” THWHACK!

And finally…The Canadian women’s hockey team won a gold medal. They promptly stormed the ice and celebrated with beer and cigars. The puritanical hacks at the IOC practically skidmarked their Underoos sayin’ that wasn’t the way they wanted athletes to celebrate their accomplishments. Yo IOC…these athletes have spent years and years of training for this event. It’s not like they’re gonna get a shot in the NHL or something. The IOC is so tight, the stick in their collective asses has a stick up its ass. True story.


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