Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papers or Plastic

So I’m sittin’ in front of the tube last night, tryin’ to get my pea brain around this new Arizona immigration law, when the Military Channel pops on an episode of The World at War. It’s a twenty-something part documentary on WWII. This particular episode covered the rise of the Nazi Party in the mid-30’s. And then, it hit me…

The WAW narrator started talkin’ about what the Nazis did when they took over. The first thing they did was vilify the press calling it “liberal” and “anti-German.” Sound familiar? Then the Nazis outlawed all unions. Ya see where I’m goin’ with this?

Next, Hitler’s goons started rounding up intellectuals (elitists) and immigrants (dark-skinded brothers and sisters) and sendin’ ‘em off to the gulags. The Nazi regime explained that Germany was an infallible country, ordained by God to rule the world.

Now I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it seems that the right-wing nut cases here in the USo’A, Inc., surely look and sound and act a lot like the Nazis of WWII. Don’t believe me? Tighty-righties routinely rag on the “liberal media.” The only people they trust on the tube are Faux News and Hee Haw. They’re anti-union, they pooh-pooh intellectuals and blame every problem in their lives on illegal immigration. I’m tellin’ y’all…this is gonna get interesting…but not in a good way. Mark my words.


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David Allen said...

At last, something I can agree with you on PJ. You are a tool, and not a very sharp one... but most certainly a tool. Nazi's where democratic socialists.

BTW - Hitler was a community organizer. (look it up)

The First thing they did was get control of the media. NBC, CBS, ABC, NYT, WAPO, LATIMES, CNN, MSNBC, PBS, CNBC, TIME, Newsweek,USATODAY, and every other big city leftist rag.. The only network they don't have is that small upstart Fox News. (and maybe the WSJ)

Nazi's weren't too fond of free speech.. kind of like democrats. They certainly did not dissenting opinions... kind of like Obama.

Next step.. get rid of private ownership of guns. We know which side supports that one, right?

Then they got a government run health care system, and they were the first to see to it that poor women of color had abortions on demand, because they only wanted white babies.

From Wikipedia: On 30 January 1934, Reich President and Chancellor Hitler formally centralised government power to himself with the Gesetz über den Neuaufbau des Reichs (Act to rebuild the Reich), by disbanding Länder (federal state) parliaments, and transferring states’ rights and administration to the Berlin central government. The centralization began soon after the March 1933 Enabling Act promulgation, when state governments were replaced with Reichsstatthalter (Reich governors).
Anti-States rights? Hmmm sounds familiar. And remind me again... which party maintains a pro-Israel stance?? Yeah... Hitler's economic policies look pretty close to Obamas. Both went with the Keynesian ways... high government intervention, high taxes on profits, limited private ownership.

Nice Try, but start reading up on your history Peej.