Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies

Elena Kagen’s nomination to the SCOTUS got me thinking. WTH are all the high-profile progressive women in the USo’A, Inc….ummm….ummm…homely? Smart… but homely. For every Deborah Wasserman-Schultz, you have five Janet Renos or Janet Napolitanos, ten Hillary Clintons and a hundred Madeleine Albrights. On the other hand, the tighty-righties go for all looks/no brains. Sue Lowden…smokin’ hot…thinks you can pay for your boob job with poultry. VPILF and half-governor Caribou Barbie? She can see Russia from her house but she can’t see the oil that’s spilled all over Prince William Sound. Dumb as a bag of licorice, bang her in a heartbeat.

I guess the crux of today’s biscuit is this: You can either vote for substance or you can vote for style. Me? I’m a substance kind of guy. So, congratulations Ms. Kagen…Roseanne must be very proud!


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David Allen said...

Awwww PJ. Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. So is this what all your objections to Republicans is really about? Still reliving your old High School days where the really pretty girls would only be "just friends"?

As usual, your arguments, like your underpants, just don't hold water... and all your pissing your pants over our hot pundants, columnists and best selling authors who are as smart as they are beuatiful fails to address the real cute and fuzzy bunnies of the world in the Hollyweird and Entertainment business. You remember those guys.. The truly vapid and clueless who seek to lecture everyone about things they know absolutely nothing about.

Liberalisim has always been style over substance, and always will be. It looks good to pretend you care about the poor with bad policies that never achieves what's promised, and what in fact makes things worse for the poor and middle class.. but performane of those programs never matters does it? It's all about the image of caring. What would really help the poor is having job not a bunch of pretentious snobs giving out handouts of lousy government programs.