Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Futbol Feelings

GEEZ…the refs have been so bad in this World Cup that their crappy calls are overshadowing what’s turning out to be a great tournament. Hell those officials need glasses. Wait, those refs are so bad they have glasses already but their eye doctor must be Rand Paul. Aye caramba!

Having watched almost every game of the 2010 World Cup, I’ve gotta ask…why do national anthems have to be solemn? I understand some countries’ anthems are rife with history, and war, and, death and whatnot…but not all of ‘em. Why can’t people just belt their national anthems like they were karaokeing Pat Benatar on a Friday night? Have a bit of fun people…it’s the World Cup, not George Bush’s inauguration.

One of the coolest things about watching soccer on television is the awesomeness of the announcers from Great Britain. In one ten minute span I heard the terms: “Impudent little flick,” “tight little ball” and “sloppy effort.” High comedy indeed…especially if you have a dirty mind like me.

And finally…it happens all the time in American sports. A batter strikes out, a kicker misses a field goal, a player gets called for a foul. The director cuts to a slo-motion closeup of the irate sportsman and inevitably they’ll drop and F-Bomb. Not an audible one (no nat sound on replay) but definitely a visible one. During the past two weeks I’ve seen no fewer than a dozen slo-mo, replay F-Bombs dropped by people who don’t even speak English. A beaten goalie, an inaccurate striker, a yellow-carded midfielder…director cuts to the slo mo closeup and Whadda you see? A visibly, angry, frustrated FUCK! Whether they speak French, or German, or Dutch or Swahili, same thing…“FUCK!” Glad to see American sportsmanship translate to international soccer.


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