Thursday, July 8, 2010

Singing in the Lame

So, last night I’m watchin’ Spain hand a beatdown to Die Mannschaft, (which, IMHO, is the single most homo-erotic nickname on the planet)…when the Brit announcer starts blathering on about the political turmoil on the Spanish side. He rambled about rivalries between players and how the caustic atmosphere in the locker room would be the doom of the Furia. Then he used an example that had me skidmarking my Underoos. He mentioned that during this entire World Cup he hadn’t seen one player on the Spanish team sing the country’s national anthem. That was his rationale for why the team had been so dysfunctional.

Now, a lot of players (in all sports) don’t sing their national anthem. It could be because they’re athletes and not American Idols. It could be that they are too busy focusing on the game. Heck-fire, it could be that some of the brotherhubbards don’t know the lyrics to the friggin’ song…all valid excuses. But could hate and anger and animosity be behind Spain’s lack of patriotism? No. You see, out of all the national anthems in the world…wait for it…wait for it…Spain’s national anthem is one of the few WITHOUT WORDS! Those poor bastards couldn’t sing to their national anthem if they wanted to. Well, maybe they could go commando karaoke and make up their own lyrics but that’d be a bit presumptuous. No, during the Spanish national anthem, the whole country stands…and no one sings…been that way forever. Now, if someone would just tell the Brits.


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Judy Cook said...

Too funny! Not a soccer fan , but I did manage to catch much ado in the news about the team not singing their national anthem. You'd think the reporters would at least take a PEAK at the words (or lack thereof) before reporting so haughtily on this. Smiling...