Monday, August 2, 2010

Going To Pot

Those of us who live in the Silver State aren’t considered an intelligent bunch. We’re continually at the bottom of the barrel when it comes to things like high school graduation rates, test scores and people goin’ to college.

That said, as Nevadan’s, we pride ourselves on our “live and let live” attitude. We’re the only state in the Union that allows prostitution, we have sports betting and other forms of legal gambling. Heck-fire…we were the divorce capital of the world until the rest of the country shrugged off their Puritanical Underoos and followed suit. So, now we have a dilemma.

They took a poll the other day, as THEY are wont to do, and found out that Nevadan’s are against the legalization and taxation of marijuana. Aye caramba! This, from the same state that gives away alcohol to people who gamble. This from the state that lays claim to “Sin City.” I must be missing something. Nevada is flat broke. No money. It’d seem like a no-brainer to legalize and tax the stuff. But Silver Staters are having none of it. Prostitution? Yes! Cheap alcohol? Yes! Gambling? Yes! Nuclear bombs? You betcha! Pot? NO! I guess now you know why we’re always at the bottom of all those education polls.



David Allen said...

Well here's one where I don't disagree with you...

I'm guessing if California gets past their attempts to get pot more or less legalized that Nevada won't be too far behind in trying to get their share of the money.
I think the first step Nevada needs to take is to go the decriminalization route first - changing possession from a felony to a misdemeanor before you can get to the taxation part. It's pretty ridiculous that Nevada considers Mary Jane a federal crime... but funny how a lack of tax dollars can change a politicians mind… California politicians will do most anything for a tax dollar.

Judy Cook said...

I agree with Mr. Allen who said, "...if California [legalizes pot]...Nevada won't be too far behind..." We tend to roll that way in the Silver State. The sooner the better, in my opinion. Like it or not, taxes have to go up to meet the state's obligations. What a great way to increase revenue!

pj said...

Seems to me that legalization would be an instant revenue generator. Dope smokers WANT to give their money to the government instead of those Mexican drug lords. IMHO.

David Allen said...

I think drug users have proven over the years that they don't give a rat's ass who they give money to, as long as the product is the best value for their money. Private parties will always have the best prices and will be able to undercut sellers who have to pay huge taxes on their products. If you want proof of this just look at cigarettes.